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Squash to the Nth Power

Christiana Langenberg When I asked people what came to mind when they heard the word squash, these are some of the answers I received: • “to flatten something so that it loses its original shape,” • “a game kind of like racquetball, where you smack a little rubber ball around in a closed room,” • “it cured the white settlers’ scurvy”

Avast Ye Trick or Treaters!

Olivia Langenberg Luke Skywalker? A transformer? Spiderman? A ninja? A pirate? The agonizing dilemma of how to dress up for Halloween is almost too much for 7-yr-old Trenton. I can't choose. They're all just SO good! While he laments day and night over his decision, I'll probably end up spraying white zig zags on either side of my

Pile it On

Christiana Langenberg In accordance with the meteorologists’ predictions that there would be a hard freeze the following Saturday morning, I spent last Friday afternoon harvesting all the vegetables in the garden that would be useless if subjected to temperatures below 32 F. Eggplants, tomatoes, poblano and salsa peppers, squash galore. I also decided to dig up my first-ever experimental

Buckwheat Bowling

by Olivia Langenberg I learned how to drive at age 7, cruising around my grandparents' acreage on an old tractor, collecting apples. We only lived a few hours away, so we were able to visit often, especially in the fall. There were gourds, squash, and bushels of fruit to be harvested from trees all hand-planted

From Stem to Leaf

Christiana Langenberg In our Luke’s Organic family homes we’re all about up cycling and repurposing most everything we can. Holey socks become dusting cloths, yogurt containers become seed-starting pots, broken necklaces reinvent themselves as earrings, etc. Clothes get donated or taken to consignment shops regularly. Last week, however, a clerk at the local consignment shop kindly suggested one

Salad Daze – Summer’s Answer to the One-pot Meal

Christiana Langenberg Simple, nutritious and raw – that’s the way to go with salads during this season of produce bounty. I planted broccoli and cauliflower early this spring and because of a series of hot days, they’re all reaching for the sky. Consequently I’m feeling like we need to eat them right this minute. Yet with the heat, who

Nachos Supreme – the Glory of Greens

Christiana Langenberg We’re on the cusp of summer and here comes the garden bounty! Greens are in their glory at farmers’ markets and all sorts of new lettuce varieties are begging for salad experimentation. Sometimes the quirky names of different lettuces leave me as perplexed as when I’m standing in front of an abyss of nail polish vials.

A Chip Off the ol’ Picnic Casserole

Olivia Langenberg Summer is in full swing, and with it comes PICNIC SEASON! That’s with hollering about! Because I grew up in the Midwest in a relatively small city, I often spent most summer days outside, playing in the small plastic wading pool, or swinging from the branches of what my sister and I called the “oi-ee-oi-ee-oi” tree, a

Falling in Love with a A Scary Bus

Olivia Langenberg Spring has arrived, the sounds of lawnmowers trill the air on Sunday mornings and all the new green vegetables are coming back into season. Asparagus is leaping onto restaurant menus with a fervor reserved for royalty. For as long as I can remember, I’ve revered asparagus as an upscale vegetable. Maybe because when my sister and

Beet it, Just Beet It

Christiana Langenberg When I was a child, my mother was an adventurous cook, yet vulnerable to “you must try this” advice from well-meaning friends and acquaintances. Unfortunately for our taste buds, she often became enamored with a new recipe, and we’d be doomed to stare it down at the dinner table multiple times a week. “Fruit soup”