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Avast Ye Trick or Treaters!

Olivia Langenberg Luke Skywalker? A transformer? Spiderman? A ninja? A pirate? The agonizing dilemma of how to dress up for Halloween is almost too much for 7-yr-old Trenton. I can't choose. They're all just SO good! While he laments day and night over his decision, I'll probably end up spraying white zig zags on either side of my

Pile it On

Christiana Langenberg In accordance with the meteorologists’ predictions that there would be a hard freeze the following Saturday morning, I spent last Friday afternoon harvesting all the vegetables in the garden that would be useless if subjected to temperatures below 32 F. Eggplants, tomatoes, poblano and salsa peppers, squash galore. I also decided to dig up my first-ever experimental