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Buckwheat Bowling

by Olivia Langenberg I learned how to drive at age 7, cruising around my grandparents' acreage on an old tractor, collecting apples. We only lived a few hours away, so we were able to visit often, especially in the fall. There were gourds, squash, and bushels of fruit to be harvested from trees all hand-planted

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We have quite a few Lukes in the extended Luke's Organic family: children and adults who have been diagnosed with Celiac disease or gluten sensitivities. We all got tired of gnawing through snacks that looked like hamster litter, tasted like tree bark and were riddled with ingredients we couldn't pronounce. What's satisfying about that?

From Stem to Leaf

Christiana Langenberg In our Luke’s Organic family homes we’re all about up cycling and repurposing most everything we can. Holey socks become dusting cloths, yogurt containers become seed-starting pots, broken necklaces reinvent themselves as earrings, etc. Clothes get donated or taken to consignment shops regularly. Last week, however, a clerk at the local consignment shop kindly suggested one